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Spiritual Alchemy
A Directory to Purity of Soul

Illnesses of the heart, darkening of the intellect, evil thoughts, the passions… maladies that are common to human nature so affect all of us.

In the Garden of Eden humankind existed in a state of ineffable glory, and there was single-minded focus on God. However, when entertainment of the serpent’s provocations occurred, the intellect (nous) was infected and humanity became sick. This infirmity of human nature manifests as the nous’ primordial sole concentration on God having been fractured, a dispersal wherein the intellect (the eye or lantern of the soul) is carried away by the senses and a host of other distractions.

The Eastern Orthodox Christian Church has established routes to purification and Spiritual Alchemy explores these pathways in detail. Extensive quotations from the Church’s spiritual physicians (Church Fathers and priests), that comment on prayer, sacraments, and ascetic practices, populate the pages of Spiritual Alchemy. Of especial import is the presentation of the Jesus Prayer as our ultimate curative; our use of this ancient medicant, in conjunction with the book’s other therapies, provides a clear roadmap to illumination.

Anthony of the Desert (Frank Atwood) has authored West of Jesus (Regina Orthodox Press, 2006), has earned a Masters degree in Literature, is pursuing a theology degree, and holds membership in the National Writer’s Association.

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