Victimly Insane: The Frank Jarvis Atwood Interview

by George Kayer (Author), Frank Jarvis Atwood (Author), Paul Wright (Foreword)

Victimly Insane chronicles Frank Atwood’s life path from childhood rape victim to Death Row.

In this book length interview from Death Row, Frank Atwood reveals what the public and jurors have never heard about and what the lynch mob media never wanted you to read: how this sweet, rosey cheeked, silver spoon teen who went by Frankie J,, arrived at perversity: At the crossroads of victim and victimizer. And, innocent of the crime that placed him on Arizona’s Death Row.

After each horrendous crime people always look to their God and ask why? Find some of those answers right here in VICTIMLY INSANE.

Follow along with the interviewer as he describes how it feels to enter death row’s haunted hallway and peer over the frenetic edge into this bizarre and complex conversation with Frank J. Atwood. Then the huge question, could he be innocent?

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