"There are three degrees to salvation: (a) do not sin; (b) after you have sinned repent; (c) whoever repents poorly must endure the afflictions that come." ~ Saint John Chrysostom



Endorsements and Reviews


   "[The] effort in writing the book is tremendous, and there is much good material!" (Ginny Nieuwsma; Conciliar Press Editor)

   "The work is well-conceived and nicely structured." (Very Reverend Michael G. Dahulich; Dean of St. Tikhon's Seminary)

   "In West of Jesus we finally have a 'handbook' for answering Protestant questions. The author has given us a most compelling argument for Holy Tradition using biblical text as 'proofs.' Any Protestant looking at Orthodoxy should start his or her journey by reading this book....And any Orthodox [Christian] who wants to understand Western Christianity will want to study it in detail." (Frank Schaeffer; Orthodox Christian Publisher and Author.



   "[The] manuscript is most worthy." (Light & Life Publishing)

   "A richly layered account, Spiritual Alchemy...serves as a catalyst for humanity's return to the Christ-centered life." (American Library Association)

   "The amount of research that the author utilized to present a clear concise thesis.... Each section builds upon the other to aid the reader from point to point." (SPR)



   "...very impressed by [the] theological and historical analysis." (Very Reverend Michael Najim; Eastern Christian Church History and Patristics Professor)

   "The author knows the subject in depth [and] shows evidence of deep knowledge... [his] previously published works indicate his credibility [and the] presentation of Orthodox teaching is both believable and convincing." (Kathi Wittkamper; Publishing House Editor)