"Passions are perversions of natural impulses... [and] have a distinct root. The Fathers identify this root as a singular perversion of the will: that of arrogance, of pride... and Fathers identify a chief virtue to combat this chief passion: namely, obedience, which engenders the humility that conquers pride ." ~ Father Deacon Matthew



How to Order

All five of Anthony's books - Noetic Jerusalem, West of Jesus, Spiritual Alchemy, The Gates of Hades Prevaileth Not, And the Two Shal Become One - are available from Amazon.com, or, if desired, can be purchased directly from the publisher:

West of Jesus - Xlibris.com  1 888-795-4274
Spiritual Alchemy - Xlibris.com 1888-795-4274
Gates of Hades - iUniverse.com 1800-288-4677

With a book order Anthony will, for a short time, offer one of his pamphlets Mount Athos, Cosmos and Man, Brave New World, or Depression for FREE!

Please send an email, showing the purchase of a book by Anthony and providing mailing information to: AnthonyoftheDesert@cox.net.

If seeking to distribute pamphlets, or purchase single copies, please inquire by email.

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